GCH Epics Farmer Girl " Jorgie"
Alpine N Castle Creek Falcor The Luck Dragon
Puppies born on November 5, 2016
Only two boys out of this litter are being shown.
Epics Third Time Around " Archie " breeder/owner Lisa & Andra Armstrong
Archie at 7 weeks,5 mos,6,mos & 8 Mos. His first time out was at Bucks he took 1st in Sweeps of a class of 3. MCOA Spcialty 2017 Futurity He won 3rd in a class of 7, Confomation 2nd in a class of 8. REMC Regional Specialty Confomation 2nd in a class of 6 and Sweeps 3rd in a class of 6.
At 8 mos he won a 3pt major/ BW/ BOB & BOBOH. Over 2 specials.
Epics Castle Creek Dominator ' Argo " Owned by Farah Lefevre & Lisa Armstrong
Argo has the sweetest eyes. He is shown here at 5 wks, 7 wks, 4 mos, 5 mos, 6 mos and 9 mos
Some of the littermates below.
Orange Girl
Purple Girl
Blue Boy @ 8 mos