Ch Castle Creek July's Royal Flush was my keeper out of the litter. He started his show career at 8 mos old and accomplished his Ch title at 19 mos old, 100% breeder/owner handled. J.R. is a remarkable boy. He is everything I could ask for in a Mastiff. Great temprement and trustworthy, and yet a awesome gaurdian of his family.
J.R. shown at 3 years old.
  1. R. at 13 weeks old.
J.R. is a happy healthy boy and will be 9 years old on July 27, 2011
To view more on J.R. see Boys page
Cody at 13 weeks old
Cody testing a show box that Bob made for the Santa Ana Kennel Club.
Ch Castle Creek Mystic's Lakota
Cody is loved by Bob & Kitty Huling.
He was 100% owner handled to his Ch title. Sadly Cody passed away on
April 3,2011 of bone cancer. He was 8 yrs 8 mos old. He is deeply missed by his family.
I can not say enough about Bob & Kitty Huling as pet owners. I wish all my buyers were just like them. They have become a big part of my life. It is because of these dogs that we met and I will always be grateful for the wonderful home they gave not 1, but 2 of my pups.
Sunny at 13 weeks old
Sunny at 10 mos old
Sunny is loved by the Nash family and co-owned with me. She loves being a ranch dog and doing well for being 9 years old.
Castle Creek Genesis Delilah
is loved by Louie & Carol Bilowitz.

Sadly Lilah passed away in 2006 from a bacteria in her foot. Surgery was performed along with a biopsy. It showed to be an aggressive bacteria that would not respond to multiple antibiotics. It was very painful for Lilah. It was a hard decision to make for Louie, but Delilah would not suffer any longer.I thank him for that.
Ch Iron Hills Under The Influence X Ch Castle Creek Show Me Sheila
produced a litter on July 27, 2002. I used FROZEN semen shipped from Canada. Sheila whelped 2 males & 2 females